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We believe in a Sino-Global Future.

We are 8 Hours Ahead.

8 Hours scales technologies in China.

8 Hours is a specialist China-market entry and scaling company on a mission to build pioneering Sino-Global companies that solve China’s transformational challenges. 


Founded by a team that has firsthand experience of the many potential challenges of scaling businesses in China - 8 Hours is a Sino-Global pioneer. We partner with leading technology companies that have an ambition to scale in the Chinese market helping them overcome the unique challenges of doing business in China.

8 Hours works with growth-stage companies who have an excellent team and proven technology, acting as your guardian in the Chinese market; protecting IP, Equity & Exit from the outset. We align with founders and leadership teams to support companies every step of the way.

From our bases in Hangzhou and Chongqing, we work with our China-wide network of strategic corporate, investment and Government partners to ensure secure, efficient and effective market entry, rapid scaling and long-term sustainable growth in China.

As your China market partner, 8 Hours Ahead delivers China-as-a-Service.

Learn more about working with 8 Hours as your China Partner.

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