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We believe in a Sino-Global Future.

We are 8 Hours Ahead.

Our Sino-Global Presence

We believe “boots-on-the-ground” are critical to successful Chinese market entry and growth.

Internationally, we proactively originate best-in-class growth technologies from global technology hubs. Our headquarters are in London, with partnerships in Europe and the USA.

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Our Team

We are Chinese and international; bilingual and bicultural. A team of deeply experienced Sinophiles, venture capitalists, technologists, entrepreneurs, cross-disciplinary professionals and coal-face executioners.

We navigate the complexities that Chinese corporates, investors and governments have in satisfying their demand for these technologies – and overcome the difficulties that international TechCos always face in attempting China market entry.

Simon MacKinnon profile.png
Simon MacKinnon OBE
Advisory Board Chairman
William Stormont Profile Pic.jpg
William Stormont
Co-founder &
Managing Partner London
Eric W profile.jpg
Eric Wilkinson
International Chairman
Jake Profile Pic.png
Jake Watkin
Co-founder &
Managing Partner Hangzhou
Sam Profile.JPG
Sam Priestman
Founder & Managing Partner
Carrie Wu Profile.jpg
Carrie Wu
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