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We believe in a Sino-Global Future.

We are 8 Hours Ahead.


8 Hours operates a “demand-driven” model. We and our Chinese partners believe in a ‘market first, capital second’ approach to scaling. Our team works with an extensive network of corporates and government groups to identify China’s true technology market needs and demand.

We partner with technology companies to provide tailored market access to meet this demand. This is China-as-a-Service, 8 Hours’ specialist market entry and scaling offering which has been designed for one purpose – to help drive successful and sustained growth in the Chinese market. It has five key features: 

•  China Market Access

•  IP, Equity & Exit Protection 

•  Government Liaison

•  Talent and Operational Support

•  Access to Capital

We work with companies to localize products and operations, design market entry strategies and growth roadmaps. We are designed for scaling.

We establish structures to protect IP, Equity & Exits. As a truly global business, it is important to have transparent control over all operations; that working capital is able to cross borders legitimately and tax efficiently - from day one, at your IPO and beyond.

We identify, build and maintain bespoke strategic partnerships across the technology ecosystem - and navigate the regulatory landscape to secure the necessary licenses.

We arrange China operational capital, with a view to invest in international parent companies upon successful achievement of milestones in China. And by doing so aligning interest at a Sino-global level.

We’ll take care of all the headaches of doing business in China, including operational and talent support, so you can focus on what you do best—developing pioneering technology —and grow to China-scale.


Looking for a partner to design and execute your China scaling? Speak to 8 Hours about our Total Partnership model.

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